Alexander The owner of Nari Films

Hi ! My name is Alexander and my wife’s name is Efstathia (Efi)

We are established wedding Photographers and Videographers based on the Mediterranean sunny island of Cyprus

We have been working as wedding filmmakers and photographers for many years and we are now travelling globally to capture life’s precious moments.

Our journey into film and photography can be traced back to when I was just a kid, with a second hand entry level camera. I would photograph landscapes and people while travelling extensively with my family. It’s a family thing, my mother and brother are also deeply rooted into photography and filmmaking, its what we do and are truly passionate about it.

We are creatives and dreamers, we envision life as if it was a real time film and that’s exactly how
we capture your wedding. Its all about seeing what is important, hearing what matters, feeling the vibe of the location and capturing all the elements to create that one amazing story.

We are very enthusiastic, passionate and down to earth people and we love what we do and it shows in our work. The laughter, the tears, the madness. In the end this is what matters.

If you feel a connection with us, feel free to contact us to learn more!

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Storytelling at its best comes from the relationships we form with our couples. Destination wedding photography and Cinematography Cyprus, Italy, France, Iceland, USA, Thailand, England & beyond

About us

Your wedding day is about you as a couple, your family and friends and what brought all of you together on this lovely day. We strongly believe that in a wedding film the emphasis on the unique individual or individuals is the key to achieve success. We create distinctive, artistic and emotionally evocative films. We have reasonable pricing and only use updated top of the line equipment.

We strive to keep the memories alive and to do this in its best form, most couples fully trust us and give us the opportunity to unleash our creative minds. We work closely together with our couples and its important to have fun on the day, for all of us to be into the story and to make this piece of art which showcases you.


The Stories that have been told

“WE HAVE NOTHING BUT GOOD THINGS TO SAY ABOUT NARI! “The moment Alexander and Efstathia came into the room on our wedding day, all stress which I had was instantly gone, we felt at ease and ready to go !They are very discrete, calm and the perfect silent guide for your wedding day!” “The video was exactly what we asked for, all the key parts were filmed and even more creative shots were made that I would never have even thought of. AWESOME AWESOME!”
“WE LOVE THE VIDEO, IT’S PERFECT IN EVERY WAY!” “Nari made us a beautiful film with great artistic shots, the right emotions, the music, the sounds – everything is as we imagined and more ! When we got the film, we kept watching it over and over all night.” “Thank you for creating this timeless video which we shared with our friends and family. A memory which we can keep forever. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”
“WE ARE SO HAPPY WITH THE FILM AND LOVE SHOWING IT OFF!” “I am so happy I decided to have a cinematographer to film my wedding! Alexander was attentive from beginning to end, I really appreciated how flexible and easy going he was throughout the entire process.” “If you have the room in your budget, don’t hesitate as it’s the best decision I made! Cant recommend enough.”


The relationship we have with our couples is of major importance. We always have preliminary meetings where trust is build, feelings and stories are shared and this gives us the crucial insight into aspects of their lives which hold meaning. This personal insight allows us to deliver an authentic wedding film and pictures which truly reflects the essence and the couple as personalities.

Each and every wedding is edited with enthusiasm, infused with emotions and artistic techniques to ensure a fresh and distinctive outcome every time.

We are always on the outlook for new inspiration from diverse and unexpected sources and travelling around the world will give us exactly what we are looking for every time.

We will guaranteed always be early, exploring the area and knowing where at be and at what time to get the best possible results. We closely monitor the wedding day preparations as well by coordinating with the wedding planner and other vendors.

Throughout the wedding day we observe every detail and moments which matter envisioning the final outcome tailored to you.

With true dedication and passion for what we do, we will without doubt make your wedding film and pictures one to watch over and over again !

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We take a limited number of weddings each year, selecting couples who appreciate the way we work and understand our philosophy.

Our approach ensures we establish a connection before the big day, enabling you to feel at ease and confident in front of the camera. We shoot a limited number of weddings per year as we place a strong emphasis on quality over quantity. Following the event I am committed to crafting a memento that weaves together heartfelt sentiments, evocative music, and the memorable moments that made your wedding truly unforgettable. The result is a wedding film packed with emotions and authenticity.

Now that you know what to expect, why not discuss it further?