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Zena & Wael - Nari Films

Zena & Wael

Zena & Wael - Nari Films

“We have nothing but
things to say
about Nari!”

“The moment Alexander and Efstathia came into the room on our wedding day, all stress which I had was instantly gone, we felt at ease and ready to go !
They are very discrete, calm and the perfect silent guide for your wedding day!”

“The video was exactly what we asked for, all the key parts were filmed and even more creative shots were made that I would never have even thought of.

Zena & Wael

Nadia & Andreas - Nari Films


Wedding film - Nadia & Andreas

“We love the video, it’s
perfect in every way!”

“Nari made us a beautiful film with great artistic shots, the right emotions, the music, the sounds – everything is as we imagined and more ! When we got the film, we kept watching it over and over all night.”

“Thank you for creating this timeless video which we shared with our friends and family. A memory which we can keep forever. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”


Panayiotis & Elpida - Nari Films

panayiotis & Elpida

Wedding film - Panayiotis & Elpida

“We are so happy with
the film
and love showing it off!”

“I am so happy I decided to have a cinematographer to film my wedding! Alexander was attentive from beginning to end, I really appreciated how flexible and easy going he was throughout the entire process.”

“If you have the room in your budget, don’t hesitate as it’s the best decision I made! Cant recommend enough.”

panayiotis & Elpida

Halla & Khaled - Nari Films

halla & Khaled

Wedding film - Halla & Khaled

“When we saw the final video,
we were genuinely so impressed!”

Efstathia and Alexander were the perfect choice! During our wedding day they respected our privacy and our traditions. We felt they were part of our guests – but with cameras.”

“It was a crazy one of a kind party and they definitely did a great job capturing it. When we watch the film, we instantly relive those moments. The film really means a lot to us. Thank you so much!”

halla & Khaled

Capturing natural
raw emotions as

they happen

We have a keen eye for important emotive moments and we know how to frame them. If you are looking for a reliable videographer to create a beautiful film of your wedding day, you are in safe hands with Nari Films.

Capturing natural raw emotions as they happen - Nari Films
We speak your language - Nari Films

We speak your

Not only do we speak 5 languages (English, Greek, Dutch, French and German), we’re also fluent in understanding your personal wishes, desires and expectations. We immerse ourselves in your story and look for the most intimate way to tell your story in your wedding film.

We are in love
(with what we do)

Being a married couple ourselves, we know the components of a great wedding and marriage. We understand why your day is unique, and are driven by a pure passion to create a lasting memory of this most touching milestone.

We are in love (with what we do) - Nari Films
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The story of

Zena & Wael

On a windy afternoon at the beautiful Amara resort in Limassol, Lebanese couple Zena & Wael expressed their love in the presence of friends and family. It was an honour to be part of this unique day as wedding cinematographers, making a film worth a thousand words. Oh, and the cake afterwards was delicious!

Hi, nice to meet you!
We are

Alexander & efstathia

We are a Dutch – Cypriot couple and we create elegant wedding films for discerning couples. We have been happily married since 2014 and for the last 6 years we have been passionately telling peoples stories through film. Capturing natural moments of beauty is the core of our existence, and we always go above and beyond to get the perfect shot.

Alexander & Efstathia - Nari Films
Alexander & Efstathia - Nari Films

crafting a grand love tale with nari films - wedding photographer and videographer

Your Wedding: An Opulent

Imagine a radiant Cypriot sunset casting a golden hue over the Mediterranean. This could be the stunning backdrop for your extravagant wedding. At Nari Films, we do not merely fulfill dreams; we bring them to life.

Nari films, your companion for majestic celebrations

At Nari Films, we are more than mere wedding videographer and photographer. We are your adventurous allies, crafting narratives of love amid stunning scenery and grandeur.

discover the luxurious beauty of a cyprus wedding

Known for its breathtaking natural landscapes, Cyprus provides the perfect palette for a lavish wedding. Our high-end Cyprus wedding videographer and photographer services encapsulate your magnificent celebration in all its brilliance.

europe: a blend of class, love,and timeless beauty

Be it the enduring appeal of Italy, the fashionable grace of France, or the aristocratic allure of Spain, our team is eager to accompany you to these opulent destinations.

sophisticated services rendered by nari films

We deliver a taste of European sophistication to your doorstep with our extensive selection of premium services.

posh pre-wedding shoots

With Nari Films, savor the delight of pre-wedding moments, framed in Europe’s most majestic and iconic landscapes.

premium wedding videography across europe

No matter where you decide to pledge your vows in Europe, our elite wedding videography captures the magnificence of your big day.

top-notch wedding photography

Re-experience the splendor of your wedding day through every polished photograph, each one resonating with the allure of European locations.

post-wedding shoots at prominent locations

As the wedding festivities wind down, we continue to weave memories for you. Our post-wedding shoots encapsulate the first glow of your married life in Europe’s most distinguished locations.

the nari films experience of luxury

With Nari Films, you’re not merely opting for a service. You’re setting sail on a luxurious journey that transcends geographical boundaries.

Step 1: Tailored Pre-Wedding Consultation

Committed to offering a bespoke experience, we take the time to comprehend your dream, whether it’s a sunset wedding in Cyprus or a grandiose celebration in an Italian ballroom.

Step 2: Flawless Implementation

With an appreciation for the lavish and the beautiful, we turn your dream into reality. Each frame we capture embodies the elegance of your special day, set against the backdrop of European grandeur.

Step 3: Polished Post-Production

In this stage, our team morphs raw moments into a rich narrative of love, festivity, and sophistication.

Step 4: Delivery

Finally, we present your high-definition wedding film and photographs, reflecting your love story infused with European charisma.

Let's Embark on This Luxury Odyssey Together


Are you prepared to realize your grandest dreams? With Nari Films, your love story unfolds against a backdrop of European luxury. Are you ready to join us in curating this once-in-a-lifetime experience? Contact our wedding videographer and photographer.